The first integrated African Group in the field of medical equipment and infrastructure, Agentis designs, develops, builds and equips hospitals and clinics throughout the African continent. 

The Group’s scope of intervention covers four areas of activity: the design and construction of hospitals and clinics, hospital engineering, the installation of medical and paramedical equipment and the treatment of medical and pharmaceutical waste.

The Group’s integrated offer mobilizes all the expertise of its teams right from the start and allows to consider projects in their entirety, from design to operation and maintenance.

Relying on the synergy and complementarity of its expertise, the group controls and manages the entire process of hospital and clinic completion: Consulting and support, financial arrangements, engineering, construction, and equipment.

As part of its pursuit of strategic and operational excellence, the Agentis Group is committed to creating, with each of its public or private clients, an efficient and long-lasting partnership based on the common will to build healthcare facilities that meet the highest international standards.

With 15 years of existence and aware of the essential role of diplomatic relations in the of achievement structuring projects, the Agentis group has forged privileged links with the largest international financial organizations.

Hospitals and clinics design and construction

Turnkey services

  • Specialized in the realization of turnkey hospitals and clinics, Agentis offers its clients services covering the entire value chain: definition of real needs, financial assessments and arrangements, designs and engineering, construction and equipment, training and support by a dedicated customer service.

Services according to needs

  • In order to adapt to the requirements of its public and private clients who are not looking for a turnkey service, the Group provides a wide range of services meeting their specific needs.

Hospital Engineering

  • As an expert in healthcare engineering, the Agentis Group relies on the skills of its engineering teams to apply the most advanced techniques to the construction of public and private healthcare facilities. The engineering services cover the entire project cycle.

Medical and paramedical equipment installation

  • The Agentis Group has managed to become a major player in the installation of high value-added medical equipment. Driven by a permanent pursuit of innovative products that meet standards of excellence, Agentis represents prestigious manufacturers, who are world leaders in their field of activity.
  • The role of Agentis is not limited to the installation of equipment. Indeed, the Group stands out by its capacity to ensure the transfer of skills through support and training.

Treatment of medical and pharmaceutical waste

  • Driven by the conviction that every company has a civic role requiring it to act in favor of a more sustainable world, the Agentis Group has created Alliance Environment, a structure dedicated to the treatment of medical and pharmaceutical waste.