Land of immeasurable wealth, the African continent is nevertheless facing certain major challenges, among them are the optimization of medical devices and the creation of new infrastructures dedicated to health. The global health crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated the urgency of accelerating the momentum to eliminate the existing deficits.


Placing its activity in line with this vision, the Agentis Group is mobilizing on a daily basis to participate, at its humble level, in the transformation of the health system in Africa. Our ambition: to contribute to the improvement of the medical care of patients in Africa.


Thanks to an international network, a proven expertise and the successful implementation of major achievements in the Moroccan market, the Group has naturally extended its activity to the rest of the African market. Agentis is now positioned as the African leader in the design, development, construction and equipment of hospitals and clinics.


Furthermore, constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions to the best international standards in medical and paramedical equipment, Agentis managed to surround itself with a network of world-leading manufacturers who place innovation and new technologies at the heart of their activity. We work to make these advanced technologies available to the African market. Eager to provide accessible equipment in line with the needs of the African market, the Group offers a range of products that stand out for their quality and reliability at optimized budgets.


Relying on the support of its economic model, the relevance of its strategic choices and the stature of its ecosystem of public and private partners, the Agentis Group pursues a dynamic of sustainable development focused on operational excellence and centered around customer experience. Our priority is to respond to our clients’ aspirations by offering solutions that take into account their specific challenges and constraints, while respecting local and international ethics and regulations.


Firmly focused on the future, the Group has committed to an ambitious transformation plan that will guide the implementation of our new strategic vision which will be based on the strengthening of our human resources. Indeed, our human capital is an essential pillar dedicated to achieving the Group’s mission.


Finally, long relegated to the rank of aspirations, social and environmental responsibility issues are now a priority for all economic players. These dimensions were integrated early on by the Agentis Group which, through Alliance Environnement, a structure dedicated to medical waste treatment, is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and improving the positive impact of its activity on the planet.


Adil Mesfioui

President Director General

Agentis Group