Our trade

Conception of turnkey hospitals and clinics

Healthcare Engineering

Installation of medical and paramedical equipment

Disposal and treatment of hospital waste

Our services

Delegated project management

Agentis offers a complete service for assisting in the realization of projects, covering the entire process of realization while respecting the objectives and constraints. Our expert teams assist projects from design to development to on-time delivery, ensuring meticulous execution of specifications, optimization of budgets, and strict compliance with quality and safety standards.


As an expert in hospital engineering, Agentis Group relies on the skills of its engineering teams to apply the most advanced techniques to the realization of public and private health care facilities at all stages of the project life cycle. Engineering services cover the entire project cycle.

Planning and design

The Agentis Group offers planning and design solutions upstream of projects. By offering a consulting service to our clients, we support them in defining their needs in order to optimize the efficiency and viability of their projects. In addition, with a thorough understanding of complex medical equipment specifications and systems, our specialist teams plan projects to ensure that the integration of medical equipment optimizes space and improves the quality of patient care as well as the performance of the healthcare facility.

Financial Structures

We assist our clients in setting up financial structures that take into account all budgetary requirements. Our solid expertise and our privileged relationships with major international banking institutions allow us to provide our clients with a service that matches their financial needs with the resources that can be mobilized. We help them to find the best financing and to optimize their budgets.


Whether it's a matter of redevelopment or new conceptions, the Agentis group has developed a solid expertise in construction, centered on following the best international standards, and operated by the best professionals of the trade. Our experience in this sector allows us to take charge of all the stages of construction from the elaboration of the specifications to the delivery, including the execution of the specifications and the follow-up. The delivered projects are always in conformity with the expectations of the customer on all the aspects, and in the respect of the standards in force.

Project Management

Hospitals and clinics are some of the most challenging projects to plan and manage, requiring specialized knowledge and skills as well as strong technical capabilities that Agentis possesses. We ensure that the architectural and technical design is consistent with the project's budgetary and functional objectives. Quality control is also an important component of our role as project managers.

Space design

For new creations or renovations, Agentis designs and fits spaces by adapting to the needs of each project. Our experts come up with creative and functional solutions to optimize medical spaces. We provide our clients with a wide range of functional furniture adapted to all uses. We can also design custom-made furniture for specific needs.


The transfer of skills is a strategic matter for the group. After each delivery or installation, we ensure that complete training is provided covering all functional aspects, in order to provide new users with all the technical skills necessary for productive use of our equipment.

After-sales service

Our role does not end with the delivery. We offer warranties and warranty extensions. We are committed to remain available to our customers to provide assistance when needed. Our after-sales service listens to all complaints and stands out with its expertise, its proactivity and its responsiveness.